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Our Rules

All anglers must sign in and out, on arrival and on completion of your stay with us.

We operate a 2 rod limit on our waters, if the water is quiet and you wish to use 3 rods, please ask at reception first.
All anglers must be in possession of a fine mesh 42 inch landing net or bigger and a quality padded unhooking mat of a suitable size to deal with big fish.

  • Baited rods must not be left unattended under any circumstances.
  • No trebles, no wire traces.
  • All fish must be returned to the water they were caught from as soon as possible and with care.
  • No fixed leads, semi fixed ok, but please be sure that in the event of a snapage the fish can easily shed the lead. Rig checks WILL be carried out randomly, and dangerous rigs will not be tolerated. If in doubt, please ask for guidance.
  • No braided main line.
  • We strongly suggest a minimum of 15lb breaking strain line on the specimen pool.
  • No fish to be sacked under any circumstances.
  • No nuts may be used ..
  • No fires or loud music.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be on a lead. We simply ask that you clean up after them and they don’t bother other anglers. If your animal is bothering other anglers then you will be asked to remove it.
  • No weapons of any kind may be brought to the fishery. Anyone caught using an air gun/rifle will be escorted of site immediately.
  • Anglers must behave responsibly with regards to the intake of alcohol when fishing our waters.
  • All litter must be taken off site , please leave the pegs as you would wish to find them.
  • No live baits to be brought on site.

Any fishing disputes that cannot reasonably be settled please contact us on 07975 752 515 and ask for bailiff assistance.

All anglers fish on Brooklyn Grange at their own risk. We hold no responsibility for loss, theft or damage of any property brought on site.

Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines, if you have any queries then please contact us on 07975 752 515

Tight Lines!